HadaLabo: Tamagohada AHA+BHA Face Wash

May 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

OK so I’ve heard so much about how good HadaLabo is, from face wash to essence I heard only good feedback. Especially their Lotion (instead of them Japanese calling it toner), I read some reviews saying that the result are equivalent to SK-II Treatment Essence for being famous as Miracle Water. But HadaLabo is cheap by far.


Apparently they're so good, 1 sold every 4 seconds in Japan.

So today I went to Guardian drugstore to see how do they look ‘in person’ and also the price range, and POP! Guardian is actually having three-days sale upto 30% off for most of HadaLabo stuffs and tomorrow will be last day. I was tempted to buy the Lotion, but end up getting this…

Tamagohada face wash

…for the reason of 30%…

got it at ballpark RM23, from RM32…

I had this crazy idea in mind to seriously getting SK-II Miracle Water somewhere in June/July, but loads of HadaLabo lotion reviews that relate them two together so I will definitely get the lotion soon *determine*. Why I didn’t buy the lotion just now? Because pay day will be in two days. Got no money at the moment, so I decided to sample one of their products.

What do I think?

I have to say wow to all reviews that I read which it could peels off all impurities, cleans pores very well, yada yada and all of them seems believeable. I didn’t know that it was THAT good. Some says that this is the best cleanser that they have came across. But personally, I think the quality is exactly same like Benefit B.Right Foamingly Cleanser from the texture, cleanliness level, also hydration level towards my skin. They’re neck to neck I can’t tell who’s the winner in terms of quality but price wise, Tamagohada is obvious bonus.
Interesting facts:

  • Some say that Malaysia are selling HadaLabo products that are Made in China, meanwhile Singapore selling the one Made in Japan so there are some differ in terms of quality (thus Singapore selling it a bit expensive). Well nothing much that we could do innit, lets just indulge of what we have been given.
  • ‘Tamago’ is Egg in Japanese, watch its advert in YouTube telling that in the end you’ll have very soft skin like hard boiled egg texture after using this cleanser. Hurmmmm “O_o

Ok as I was looking for more HadaLabo reviews on YouTube, I came across this.

OMG! They played this community-advice advert A LOT in the hotel when I was in Osaka, and now I know I am missing Japan so so much as soon as I watched this. And, I just realize that I am so into Japan products nowadays… proly I didn’t mentioned, but I have converted to Paul & Joe foundation. Absolutely loving it!



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§ 2 Responses to HadaLabo: Tamagohada AHA+BHA Face Wash

  • justcurious says:

    i have a question, since the face wash is “exfoliating”, does it have scrub particles in it? As in the tiny “beads” thing that are usually present in scrub wash…

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