11/3/11: Pray for Japan.

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

 Earthquake magnitude 8.9 hit Japan that triggered tsunami in the north-east majorly wiped out Sendai around their afternoon time. I have no other words but PRAY FOR JAPAN… Read more here.

Talking about the unfortunate event, I would say that my holiday in Tokyo for the next few days wouldnt be fun to see people scared their whole life and stay at home most of the time. To be honest at the first place my mum didn’t approve about my trip to Japan, either I will be in Sapporo or Kagoshima, most north or most south, she doesn’t care. But this has been planned for a while, so we brainstormed on how to make the trip happen (and SAFE) by changing our stay in Tokyo hotel to Osaka. In the end, she wasn’t fully happy about it but its acceptable after she thought about it 12hours later and I know Mak, that you still think that I’m the most stupid daughter you ever owned. I know this is unnecessary trip, but we need to attend a wedding in Osaka, and the trip has been shorten to 27th instead of till 29th.
This will be the most memorable trip for sure, and adventerous I’d must say. So hopefully God will bless our trip on the 17th until 27th March, as we have tried our best to not stay in danger place.

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