Wishlist #3: Kate Spade New Bond Street Florence

May 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

This is… ADORABLE.

Spring/Summer 2012 Kate Spade
“New Bond Street Florence”

comes in array of colorsplash


Some question I had in mind though that I can’t seem to find on the internet
– if the leather won’t stained easily
– if the embellishment of “Kate Spade” on the flap is easily rubbed off ?

Some Skin Food Reviews

April 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

As some of you might not know SkinFood is Korean product that mainly using food goodness (doesn’t mean organic) for skincare, bath, hair and cosmetics. 

To be honest I have not yet to try their cosmetics before but otherwise I have to say that I like their skincare range. So I went and look for a mask that could repair hyper pigmentation of my post acne, so they suggested Repairing Mask Sheet (the one with Ginseng goodness) at retail RM8.90. Pretty cheap huh? I tried it on today and I really like it. I leave the mask sheet until it dries aprox 30minutes. As the result hyper pigmentation wasn’t remarkable repaired but it did brighten all over skin in instant and it surprised me for its worth of money. Unlike Beauty Diary in a pack of 10 masks retail at RM45 that I’ve tried before, Skin Food has better range of masks, and price.

Black Sesame Hot Masks is my all time favorite, whenever I go to Skin Food shop I will ask for samples. It’s a  wash off mask that has thermal sensation on skin, and not recommended to sit with this mask on in high temperature room like sauna as the mask temperature could get higher too. I would say that this has win win situation where the warmth helps to open up pores and as you lathered the product you are actually exfoliating deeper into pores with actual crushed black sesame seeds. Don’t worry that this is gentle enough for normal skin, but maybe not for super sensitive thin skin (after sunburn etc). 

Notice the package in sachet? As cheeky as I am I didn’t want to buy the big tub of product so the seller gave me a sample. And other samples what a lucky day. 

GoldKiwi Hydrating Mask – look at the packaging, isn’t that the cutest thing? It is claimed to be a sleeping mask/pack by the seller but I don’t see anywhere mentioned or how to use it. I experimented before I went to sleep. Logically if I lathered thin layer of product so it may dries quickly so that is how I left it. It has a bit of fragrant like lemon air-freshener which I’m not fond of. It dries like moisturizer does but a bit sticky like syrup consistency but very lightly.The next morning it didn’t stain my pillow and as expected as it was miracle didn’t happened. But after toning and moisturize I felt my skin a little bit hydrated than normal. I don’t see this as my staple product or routine as of now. I guess this is extra step in beauty regime, but not skin repairing for what I needed the most. 

MAC Collection Summer 2012

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MAC Summer 2012

“Hey Sailor”

TBH I am quite excited about this collection more than Shop MAC Cook MAC that released early this year.
Summer collection is always being favorite of beauty gurus, as most of products are never been produced before out just for the summer and always treasured. I never realized that so I didn’t have anything from past summer except for Color Forecast two years back – which I only bought vanilla scented perfume & pink nail varnish. I should have bought the ombre blush/bronzer instead that people been raved about until now.

Oh, well. I’m gonna hoard as much as I can this year.

Love #1 – Paper Plane Overnight Bag

March 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

This has been on my top wishlist(s) since two years ago when I first saw it on Zoella’s blog. Surprise! Surprise! Who would’ve thought I WILL grab hold of this bad boy.

Before this I kept telling myself that if I had a chance to go to UK (yes, I’ve never been there so far), I will hunt this all over the country as soon as I touchdown. And.. when my boyfriend went back hometown last year to Liverpool, he wanted to get me something while he was there and I quickly do my research where can I get the best deal of this bag. There were not a lot of information about getting it from physical shops, and plenty that sells them through the internet. I found so many price range but Funky Honey sells Disaster Design product range at very reasonable price. No kidding.

Since I found this at very last week of my boyfriend’s (now fiance) holiday, we had to grab hold one of the staff to make sure the bag posted as quickly as possible. The staff that we dealt with was very prompt at replying our emails, friendly and helpful. 5 star!
Let see more into detail

Overall Width : 22″
Overall Height : 12″
Base Width : 6″
Base Length : 17.5″
Strap lay flat: 8.5″

The 250ml Vaseline lotion is for size comparison (real bad pic quality, sorry!) Surprisingly the inner cloth is blue as I thought it will be brown or something – but that don’t bother me. I personally won’t be taking this to gym as the inner is pure cotton and it might catch smells and sweat. The outer material is high quality soft PU leather, easy to clean, so far didn’t catch dirt or dust so easily and I reckon the leather won’t flake off even for the next 5 years. It could fit three-four days outfit with minimal makeup, a pair of shoes and a hairdryer/hair curler. Apart from head turning and conversation maker it is a pretty handy bag I’d must say.

I did not procrastinate!

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His mom helps with the ring equivalent to BLESS! :)

I have gone for a while! I know.

After my boyfriend popped ‘the question’ I’ve been busy organizing my traditional Malay Engagement which was held last month. I have got no time to write this and that.
Let’s do this again.


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You Gotta Love Groupon

November 10, 2011 § 6 Comments

Because I was complaining about my hair so much my bf had to buy me a Groupon voucher for Shiseido hair color+creative cut+wash+blow for RM88 nett at Hair Fonts salon in Sunway Pyramid. I don’t know if deal is still on, but he bought it last week. I went to the salon yesterday and I promise to myself to write a review about it because I think it will be useful to others that has bought this deal. Not much of review of this, so it was a heavy hearted mixed motion when I walked in to the salon because I don’t want my hair screwed up.

I promise this is a quick one.
– I love my hair cut and senior stylist judge is trustable, seriously
– I love how my hair color even out after layers of old colors
– I love ALL the staffs
– I love range of colors they have
– I love how they treat their groupon customer equally to others that paid more
– I love the smell of their products, no funny smell of the color chemical
– They accept late comers at least 2hours after actual appointment

– The salon is very small so reservation is a must
– Not much magazines

The deal is very cheap, and worth every single sen of it! Picture will be uploaded soon ish.

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What If I Am Lazy to Wash My Makeup Off Before Sleep?

September 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

MAC Wipes

100 Sheets

Swipes away makeup, smudges, dirt and grime, pronto! Oversized, luxurious, super-saturated with special MAC cleanser infused with protective Vitamin E. Hydrates and nourishes. Extremely refreshing. Slickly packed, re-sealable, ready to go! Here is quick review of it.

It is acceptable by MAC for Back to MAC*
One sheet is enough to wipe from foundation to even ever-lasting liquid eyeliner
Definitely clean as tested using second tissue and nothing came off
Quality re-sealable lid protecting sheets from drying
Doesn’t sting my eyes
Has Vitamin E in it

I don’t think it is suitable for sensitive skin because it did sting at some minor areas of my face in the beginning (not anymore)

Comparison (With):
Biore Cleasing Oil-in Cotton at RM30+ :
I need to use two sheet each time, and still need to use Loreal Eye Makeup Remover after that for mascara and liquid eyeliner. Size of sheet is smaller. Box to protect tissue isn’t as good because some sheets half dry. Refill pack seal is using adhesive plastic lid to protect. But hey for its cheap price a lot of people consider buying this.


Yes because it’s worth of money

Price in Malaysia is RM105 for pack of 100 wipes.

*A program of giving back 6 empty MAC products/containers and get a lipstick of your choice FOC at MAC stores


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